Straight Orbit Solutions


Straight Orbit Solutions provides in-house or external support to those who require additional engineering resource. We also seek to help companies or individuals looking to get a product concept, idea or design off the ground and into the market place. By providing a comprehensive set of services we can research, innovate, create and evaluate design solutions to meet your specification.

Top quality product design solutions, technical drawings and rendered 3D models can be produced by our talented and qualified design engineers. Experienced photographers, editors and film makers also form part of the Straight Orbit team enabling our clients to document testing and promote products in various forms during or after the development phase.

By fully detailing a design and bringing it to life on screen or paper you can gain the confidence of potential stakeholders to make the next step. Investment for innovative products can increasingly be gained through crowd funding or exciting government schemes such as Innovate UK.

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Let Straight Orbit Solutions support your organisation or help develop and launch your new innovation by getting in contact today!

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  • Project management
  • Research
  • Value engineering
  • Design calculations
  • Concept development
  • Design development
  • Process development
  • Product development
  • Technical 2D drawings
  • Complex 3D models
  • Design failure mode and effect analysis
  • Rendered models and images
  • Prototype supply
  • Engineering change management
  • Photos
  • Video / Animations